An Open Letter to Bernie Ecclestone: Paddock Pass Required!

Today, it gives me great pleasure to introduce my first guest blogger, Cherry, the Racing Lhasa Apso who has a legitimate request for Bernie Ecclestone – her own Paddock Pass – because recently, this special favour has been given to Lewis Hamilton’s pet, Roscoe!

The Letter:

By Cherry, the Racing Lhasa Apso

Dear Mr. Ecclestone,

I am a 4-year-old female Lhasa Apso, originally originating from the beautiful snowy mountain region of Tibet. Over the years, we have moved to many foreign lands all over the world and down into the plains. Currently, our population is spread over most countries that host Formula 1 Grand Pris, which you own and run.

It is when I came to be with my caretaker parents that I got interested in F1 Racing. They, my folks, that is, are what you would call motor racing addicts or “petrol-heads”.

Recently I heard that you have offered a free Paddock Pass to Lewis Hamilton’s baby, Roscoe only because you were sent a cute picture of him wearing headphones.

However, your decision is in direct contravention of the rules that you have created, one of which states that children below 12 and pets are not allowed at F1 races.

My back profile

My back profile

Now that you have broken the rule only because Roscoe’s father is a famous F1 racer and have set a precedent of sorts, I request you to consider my request for a Paddock Pass.

You could give me the same enclosure that you have earmarked for Roscoe. I am sure the little fella will appreciate the company.

And oh, I do want to put in a request for my parents as well. Since I will need chaperones to and from the races, fed and bathed, you can give them too a couple of general enclosure passes. Right now they spend a lot of their own money for these events.

I will be obliged if those passes can be for one of the enclosures overlooking a DRS zone. (They rarely get to see overtaking because they usually buy the cheapest F1 tickets available).

Thank you in advance,



P.S.: Check out my pictures wearing genuine Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi Circuit Headphones. Are they cute enough too?

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