This blog is essentially meant for sports addicts — the primary areas of coverage being Motorsports (read Formula 1 ), soccer and cricket. For years now and after following sporting events in the three disciplines, one has developed a certain sensibility (though not necessarily “sensible”!) and that prompted the creation of this blog.

After all, the one thing common to all of us sports freaks is a very strong, even subjective view of sport that at times, can be a lot more passionate than the so-called “neutral” sports commentators and analysts. Fact is that there is a super-analyst in all of us. We see things differently!

Which brings me to the moot point about `Merlin’s Musings’. This is not meant as an indulgence of the author, namely me, but a forum where all of us can collectively contribute, discuss and analyse sports in the way we deem fit and more importantly, enjoy. I know this is early days, but it would mean a lot if all of you as fellow bloggers or readers, give your valuable insight and perspectives. These could end up being a rewarding exercise for everyone concerned.

I would also love to have fellow bloggers with similar interests to participate in the blog with your own contributions — I promise to give you a special honor roll and a place in the “Musings Hall of Fame” for your efforts along with my undying gratitude!

After all, this isn’t a monetized business…as yet!

Cheers and hope to see you all on the blog!


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